Angel investing to help people heal, connect, and prosper

Say goodbye to boring calls — shared activities & self-expression lets you do more than just talk when hanging out on Squad

What it’s like when someone dies but you can’t have a funeral

Squad’s $5M seed round was very diverse: yours can be too!

Now that we’ve announced our seed round was led by Hayley Barna, partner at First Round, I can talk about something I’ve become very passionate about — our cap table.

After 17 years I’m ready to tell my story because I’m not ashamed or afraid anymore.

My 18-year-old self (September 2001)

The domain buying industry is notoriously shady and secretive but you don’t have to be to succeed

Esther Crawford

Product at Twitter. Life story: “Nevertheless, she persisted.” Optimist. Technologist. Wearer of many hats.

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